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Jessica Simpson saved my life?

REMEMBER ME- the pubescent, insecure, and confused teenage girl?

Unfortunately, the last time I wrote to you was in 7th grade concerning the developing volcanoes on my face. Remember when I poetically wrote, “PIMPLES, PIMPLES, I HATE PIMPLES…KILL ME”. Luckily, with help from Jessica Simpson, I found Proactiv solution. This time, Diary, I want to take you on my journey as I develop as a designer, and thankfully not as an adolescent. I pinky promise this friendship will be less painful than the last one. I can assure you of this because puberty ended well; I gained confidence and I’m slightly less confused.

Allow me to give you some background information. In high school, art meant posters for cute varsity boys, and fashion meant impressing those cute varsity boys through the means of “AAA” (American Eagle, Aeropostale, and Abercrombie). After taking my first art class during my senior year I realized I didn’t completely suck at it. But what did suck was my summer going into college. I lost a close friend who I highly admired and respected to a car accident. His creative and innovative style inspires me to this day. In my yearbook my friend quoted Frank Scully, “Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where the fruit is?” So…that is exactly what I did. Upon entering college I had almost no experience with art. Therefore with hesitation, on September 10th, I declared myself an art major. It was the risk that changed my perspective on life.

(Did you know that if you look at an apple close enough it is made up of several colors and many tints and shades).

It has been two years since my self-discovery as an artist. I now enjoy several areas of art including photography, graphic design, and drawing. These combined with my passion for fashion (yes, i did just say that) is what ‘art’ means to me now.

Why do I want to share my designs with you? D i a r y?

F R E E D O M. This will virtually allow me to design whatever I want without the pressure of others. Think brainstorming.

P U R P O S E. Keeping this diary gives me a reason to design and to remain motivated.

G R O W T H. The more I design the more I learn.

F O C U S. Through this process I hope to discover my niche.

I look forward to sharing my journey as a designer with you. Stay posted.

Ps. My first Diary was in a journal by Lisa Frank Diaries. Most girls in the 90’s had one…I wonder if there is a connection with The diary of a young girl by Anne Frank. But Frankly, I don’t give a crap (censored). Ironically, Frank Scully’s quote, Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where the fruit is?” inspired me to be an artist and now to create my own diary.

anneandlisafrankcropp.jpg picture by Deb_TamFRANKYOU,

Deb Tam D e s i g n s