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Goodbye London and here we come USA STORE TOUR!! Road trip anyone?? Good music. Check. Snack food. Check. Party Pants. Check. Jet lag. Check & check.  After catching a flight from London to NYC, we packed up the Landy, which we are now professional luggage packers. Note to self: learn to pack significantly lighter. By evening, we had arrived at the Southampton Jack Wills house, and was greeted by JW Seasonnaires Keiran, Ell, and George. They had set up a BBQ, and invited their friends. Not many people can say they woke up in London, and partied in Southampton all in one day, but Doug and I can and did. Impressed? The next day, we got a tour of the Hamptons, and ate at this amazing restaurant - surfshack. We had this epic moment driving in the Landy, music playing (band city and colour song the girl), windows down, the sun setting, and exhaustion hitting us, but everything was just bliss, it was just one of those life is good moments. Saying bye to Southampton jw family was hard, but we had to, and we were excited for our next stop NEWPORT. We instantly bonded with Newport Seasionnaires, the very bubbly, energetic, and talented Olivia, Taylor and Will -- In desperate need of energy, I got a massive coffee, and felt refreshed. "Coffee is not a drug, it is a vitamin". Now ready for whatever Newport had to throw at us, which was ALOT. Despite the rain, they took us sailing, we were soaked, so therefore it made sense to rock jump into the ocean!? Doug led the pack. After our adventurous afternoon, Rachel and Doug made everyone diner, our first home cooked meal. It was amazing to say the very least. We spent the rest of the night dancing and listening to Will rap ( he has pretty good flow for a British Boy *WINK). The newport group stole our hearts, especially our stomachs, we had so much tasty foods! WE LOVE NEWPORT. But, Martha's Vineyard was calling our name. So after our first ferry getting canceled we had to catch another boat... I was nervous that our luggage would sink the boat, it was quite small, but cozy. The ferry ride was short, when we got to the island, Lucy and Zac greeted us. After a crazy couple of days Doug and I needed a quiet night our first night in eleven days. Zac and Lucy had prepared a basket full of treats. I instantly fell asleep, and have no idea what movie we watched. After a good nights rest, they took us tubing, and bridge jumping. I think the boat ride was more exhilarating than the tube ride, lets just say Rachel isn't part of the coast guard for nothing. We were all impressed with Lucy's tubing skills, she was a natural. Zac and I could have used some work. Later, we found ourselves relaxing on the beach, then enjoying a nice seafood diner, we ate a lot, we worked up quite the appetite. Unfortunately I got sick which left me at home, and the rest is some what of a blur. But doug made fudge and now we have SO MUCH FUDGE. Sugar rush. After bike rides, beaches, and good british humour, we had to say bye to Zac and Lucy, and their amazing hospitality, they said their goodbyes. Tears, but not really. We are tough. Still sick, I managed to get on the ferry, and make it to NANTUCKET. We were greeted by the legened Red Rainey, and beautiful Amber. It was so exciting to finally meet them. So excited to get to spend the rest of the summer with them. Island life here we come. Are you ready? Just give me a few days to get better, and then there is no stopping us. Doug just made diner, so time to go. Oh and we said bye to Rachel today, already miss her and feel lost without her-- As in our dishwasher is exploding." And i am spent" xoxo Deb and Doug

Thank you to all the JW Seasonnaires, you all are amazing. We had such an amazing time, and we had the time of our life. Love you all!!! Come and visit us! 

Coming very soon is our first week in Nantucket. By the way our house is amazing and massive. Jealous? You should be.