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Rachel and Ryan

Ryan and Rachel's Wedding + My first wedding as a photographer

Photo Preview.

Saturday, May 21, 2011 Rachel Joy Wendt marries Ryan Holmstrom Nevill. So shocking that Rachel wasn't planning on photographing her wedding (insert sarcastic smiley face here). However, with the encouragement of her friends she decided to ask me to document her day. Less than a month ago, I received this text from "Skrach", "hey gurl wanna take pics for my wedding?" I quickly and enthusiastically responded, "of course gurl!", despite my complete lack of experience. In my lifetime I've attended approximately three weddings. What have I gotten myself into? I've never photographed a wedding. Two days before the wedding, it hit me: this job is more than a disposable camera and a quick pointer finger. I had yet to communicate with Rachel, had no location, and no reliable camera. After finally speaking with Rachel, she insisted it was "no big deal" I had no camera nor location. Nice. The pressure was off. I however disagreed. The pressure was back on. It was her wedding and Rachel deserved the best.

  • Get a camera. Check (thank you Bos Family).
  • Find a location. Check...UNCHECK (rain + field = dirty unhappy bride).
  • Find a second location. Check (Gordon Conwell Seminary School).
  • Learn wedding photography. Impossible. Luckily, I took theater when I was a freshmen in High school. It's fun to play make believe

Rachel and Ryan broke my wedding photography virginity. I am honored and glad it was them. They went easy on me. I appreciate their cooperative spirits and the freedom they gave me.

You have been such a great friend to my sister. When I was younger, I was jealous because I always wanted to be your friend too. But you were too cool and uninterested. How was I supposed to compete with the virtual computer characters from the game "The Sims". I was no match. Then one day, we became friends. I consider you a sister. You are a Nevill now, but you are also a Tam...I mean a Wendt...but really I mean a Tam. Blondes can be asians too i.e. LORI TAM.

I wish you and Ryan the best!

REMEMBER: You have prepared for this new lifestyle since the age of 10, when you first became addicted to "The Sims". This strategic life-simulation game has enabled you to make good marital decisions.

Things you learned from " The Sims" that will help your marriage:

  • maintain balanced budgets: the most conventional method of generating an income is to obtain a job
  • man/woman cannot live off coconut water alone: cook meals for both you and Ryan- starvation results in death
  • do not own a guinea pig these attract viruses: but if you must, clean its cage
  • if your six adopted children's grades are too low for too long send them to military school
  • do not "brawl" for too long...eventually this will result in either one of you moving out or really really

I love you.

Ryan welcome to the Tam Family...I mean the Wendt family