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Eat Cookies And Die

PhotobucketPhotobucketDebTam DesignsGuide to Baking Sexy Cookies.

Step One: Always wear a fur hat. The fur hat allows you to move efficiently around the kitchen. (H&M Fur Hat).

Step Two: Wear seven inch heals.

Step Three: Do it with a friend. Do it with your boyfriend.

Step Four: Don’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty.

Step Five: Bake & Decorate. Bake & Decorate. (It’s okay to double the recipe).

Step Six: Eat your cookies. Eat through the pain. Deep Breaths.

Step Seven: Say, “I never want to eat another _________ cookie ever again.”

Step Eight: Forget step seven & eat more cookies. (Repeat as needed).

Step Nine: Bring left over cookies to your friends. (Make sure you select the worst cookies. Save the best cookies for yourself – you deserve it).

Step Ten: Blog about your cookies.

Remember: You are what you eat! Today, I am a cookie. Tomorrow, I need to be a baby carrot. Bon appetite!

-Deb Tam Designs

The Sugar Cookie Recipe







This video is for my bestfriend, Gillian Murphy.

Happy Birthday Gill. I can't wait until you turn 21! Love You.

This Video and Graphic Design Work by Deb Tam Designs.


Spray me.

Obviously I had to photograph our achievement. Plus, we had time to kill (the paint takes 30mins to dry). Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph the bike before the makeover. So please let your imagination run wild (it was a blue hideous huffy bike). After I took the photographs, I edited the photographs, then used the photographs in indesign to create a "mock magazine spread". I often turn my photographs into magazine or poster layouts. I do it I think its fun & cool. Here are some designs from the summer. I apologize for the quality of the images (the resolution is poor).


At the Mall they Scream Nick Jonas

A couple of days ago, I blogged about my sister, Julia. Now, I will blog about my brother, Stephen. Ladies, touch him and die. He is an infant. Do not be deceived by the leather jacket. I like his style. However, I did style him in these photos. (Stephen's Disclaimer: "the agreement") The agreement was-15 minutes of "modeling" for a homemade breakfast sandwich. Done Deal. Also, he owed me a favor. I have accompanied and helped him on several of his shopping endeavors. Often, people at the mall (and oddly only at the mall) ask if were dating. I never understood why they asked that question. Wouldn't you think the most logical question would be, "are you brother and sister?" (considering we look very related). Maybe they wouldn't expect a bro & sis to get along so well?? I guess our camaraderie is deceptive... just like Stephen's age. Try and guess his age? Hint: He is younger than Nick Jonas. Speaking of Nick Jonas...on multiple occasions Stephen and I will over hear, "is that Nick Jonas","He looks like Nick Jonas", "NICK JONAS".
This is an unfortunate tragedy. Why? Because I have a crush on Nick Jonas. uh awkward.
Photobucket_MG_9602.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9600.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9609.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9610.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9563.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9527.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9540.jpg image by Deb_TamPhotobucket_MG_9611.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9520.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9583.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9537.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9536.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9637.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9632.jpg image by Deb_TamPhotobucket_MG_9563.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9530.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9626.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9603.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9604.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9623.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9625.jpg picture by Deb_Tam_MG_9570.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9607.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9572.jpg image by Deb_Tam_MG_9627.jpg image by Deb_TamPhotobucketPhotobucket

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