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Eat Cookies And Die

PhotobucketPhotobucketDebTam DesignsGuide to Baking Sexy Cookies.

Step One: Always wear a fur hat. The fur hat allows you to move efficiently around the kitchen. (H&M Fur Hat).

Step Two: Wear seven inch heals.

Step Three: Do it with a friend. Do it with your boyfriend.

Step Four: Don’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty.

Step Five: Bake & Decorate. Bake & Decorate. (It’s okay to double the recipe).

Step Six: Eat your cookies. Eat through the pain. Deep Breaths.

Step Seven: Say, “I never want to eat another _________ cookie ever again.”

Step Eight: Forget step seven & eat more cookies. (Repeat as needed).

Step Nine: Bring left over cookies to your friends. (Make sure you select the worst cookies. Save the best cookies for yourself – you deserve it).

Step Ten: Blog about your cookies.

Remember: You are what you eat! Today, I am a cookie. Tomorrow, I need to be a baby carrot. Bon appetite!

-Deb Tam Designs

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