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im mature.


“Most people don't grow up. Most people age. They find parking spaces, honor their credit cards, get married, have children, and call that maturity. 
What that is, is aging.”
  Maya Angelou 


Maturity is like art: striving for form, hoping for beauty. 

Photo: Mrs. Tam, My mother

"If a form isn't right, if it's erased, the correction has meaning. It's the process of the mind, moving and making. The form didn't drop from outer space". (Elliott Green)

or did it?


"Falling in love 'forced' me to grow up. I finally began to understand the meaning of serving someone other than myself."
deb tam speaking about # youngestchildproblems or just #selfishpeopleproblems

photos: My Parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Tam, Me, and My Boyfriend, Nick Thompson

          "service is a great reflection of maturity, uh... so I've seen." - deb tam designs referring to her super, mature, and  hott boyfriend.  



Warning: Awareness of the world, and of others will result in a less self-centered and immature you. 

Be Prepared ... I wasn't. 

Ah, damn you semester abroad about poverty, injustice, and healthy living.  
ignorance is not so bliss.  


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life (body)?” 
― Mary OliverNew and Selected Poems


 +  r e j u v e n a t e 

About 4-5 handfuls of organic kale, chard or spinach [ I use two or all three, depending what’s in the fridge ], fresh lemon juice [ one lemon ], fresh ginger [ as preferred ], 1 tablespoon of organic flax seed oil, 1 cup water, & 1 banana. Blend & enjoy daily! 

+  e n e r g i z e

Green Tea: No Brainer. Here's Why...

Weight Loss. Diabetes. Heart Disease. Esophageal Cancer. Cholesterol. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Tooth Decay. Blood Pressure. Depression. Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial. Skincare.

+  r e l a x

with a Green Face Mask

be wise with your body. you only got one.


B Y   L E N N O N   &    M A I S Y

"I played with a 4 year old once, she taught me things like, how to play princess dragons, and how to be mature.
 I was like 22. " -- Deb Tam Designs referring to her recent 'wake-up call'.


"God has already made us something very different from what we were. Long ago, before we were born, when we were inside our mothers' bodies, we passed through various stages. We were once rather like vegetables, and once rather like fish; it was only at a later stage that we became like human babies. And if we had been conscious at those earlier stages, I daresay we should have been quite contented to stay as vegetables or fish—should not have wanted to be made into babies. But all the time He knew His plan for us and was determined to carry it out. Something the same is now happening at a higher level." CS Lewis, Mere Christianity


Bill Cosby once said, “Show me your five closest friends, and I’ll show you your future.” 

Photo: Hannah Kurtz, Rebecca Horning, Gillian Murphy, Cassie Penta, and Emmie Katz 

Surround yourself with happy, healthy friends.
 Ones that push you up, not down. 


Push-Up Bra: Every girl needs support, some more than others. 
 And if, and when it/they, don't perk you up, don't be afraid to look for a new one ( Bra and/or Friend). 
 hehe laughing at my own jokes. 
 So mature of me. 

Okay...On that note: thanks for reading Deb Tam Design's 'Attempts' At Maturing. 

xoxo Deb Tam Designs 
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ps. I strongly dislike the sound of the word 'mature'. 
mature. mature. mature. 

m a t u r e.